Safety Relief Valves

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  1. Safety Relief Valve (Type - TA 100)

    These Safety and Relief Valves are Standard models manufactured to API 520, API 526, API RP 527, ASME SEC VIII DIV I and IBR codes having full lift and high capacity and fitted as original equipments on boilers, reactors, pressure vessels and reactors.
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  2. Safety Relief Valve (Model: 200B)

    Fluidyne range of small bore safety valves, industrial safety relief valves, flanged safety relief valves, industrial safety valves, flanged safety valves offer superior performance and maximum functionality. They are available in Screwed, Socket weld, Sanitary, Conflat and Flanged Construction type or flanged-inlet, Screwed-outlet connection type. Their simplicity in construction makes them pretty cost effective and easy to use
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  3. Boiler Safety Valve (Model BSV-100)

    Fluidyne Boiler Full Lift Full Flow Safety Relief Valve is a high performance valve designed and developed for steam and water service. It can also be used for most other applications like gases and vapors, saturated steam, superheated steam. Fluidyne Safety Relief Valve is designed for steam service. The valves are designed as per API 520, API 526 and meets the requirements of ASME Sec VIII-Division I. Fluidyne Boiler Safety Valves are offered with IBR Certification in Form III-C. The valves have a full nozzle or half nozzle and guided at the guide of the valve body, increasing the eficiency of the valve assembly. Specially designed disc holder ensures full lift within 5% to 10% overpressure or increase of pressure above the set pressure value. Blow down of a maximum of 5% to 10% is achieved in this design. Lapping of valve seat to optical flatness ensures leak tightness at seat. Full lift of valve disc ensures that the certified flow of the safety valve is discharged. Spring made of chrome vanadium steel is precisely selected and assembled so that the valve operates precisely and a good leak tightness is achieved at high temperatures with great repeatability.
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  4. Deadweight Safety Valve

    Fluidyne Deadweight Safety valve consists of a valveseat where the pressure in the boiler or pressure vessel when it exceeds the normal working pressure lifts the valve seat with its weight. The excess pressure fluid therefore escapes through the pipe to the atmosphere, until the pressure reaches its normal value. It is the simplest type of safety valve; it is suitable for stationary boilers and pressure vessels only, because it cannot withstand the jerks and vibration of mobile boilers or pressure vessels. Another disadvantage of this valve is the heavy weight required to balance the pressure. Hence, it is not suitable for high pressure boilers.
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  5. Backpressure Safety / Relief Valve

    FLUIDYNE Backpressure Safety Relief or Surplus or Diaphragm Assisted Safety Relief Valve is single seated, diaphragm controlled and spring regulated valve where the pressure of the system being relieved, acting upon the diaphragm provides a sensitive control of the valve opening in accordance with the regulating spring setting. The application or ideal for installations where a direct spring loaded type is too insensitive to pressure or flow changes. The Fluidyne Backpressure Relief Valve Protects systems from overpressure and Monitors pump outputs. Fluidyne Backpressure Relief Valve is most suitable for water, air, gas, steam, oil or chemical services.
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  6. Safety Valve

    Fluidyne manufactured Safety Valves and Safety Relief Valves, Thermal Relief Valves, Boiler Safety Valves, Dead weight Safety and Relief Valves, Pilot operated Safety Relief Valve conform to API, ASME and IBR codes. Fluidyne carried out an extensive market research to design and manufacture durable and effective Safety Valves and Safety Relief Valves that are highly suitable for most chemical, petrochemical, oil, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, power and engineering industries and more. These industrial safety relief valves, flanged safety relief valves, dead weight relief valves, sanitary safety relief valves are high reliability and are approved by factory inspectors, inspectors under Indian Boiler Regulation (IBR), B.V., Lloyds and Chief Controller. FLUIDYNE safety and relief valves are in used in above industries for over 35 years. Fluidyne Safety Valves and Safety Relief Valves are Full Lift, 'Pop' action type, Full Nozzle or half nozzle having Screwed Butt/Socket weld or Flanged connections. Various Models are available as per requirements of customers. Sizes Range : (6 NB) to 12 (300 NB). All API standard Orifice sizes are available.
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